You often need to open apps side by side when working on multiple apps at the same time. This is necessary because switching of apps is sometimes a very hectic task. In macOS, it is very easy to open apps side by side and the users can work on multiple applications without any distractions. When you pin apps side by side, you will have no problem in working on both of them.

Pinning Apps in Full Screen on macOS

All you need is to open multiple apps side by side; all you need is to make sure that you can see the window of both the apps and none of the app should be minimized. Now click and hold the full-screen button i.e. the green button in the top title bar as soon as you see the outline which shows that the app is pinned to the screen, release the green button you are clicking and holding.

Pin macOS apps in Full Screen

The app will be pinned to one side of the screen being in the full-screen mode and you will see other applications as well that are open on the right.

Full screen macOS Pinned Apps

Once the apps are pinned side by side, the traffic light buttons for minimizing, maximize and close will disappear and you will be in full-screen mode. A thick divider splits the screen between two apps. By default, the app is given one half of the screen. A slider is also there to change the space taken by another app.

Side by Side Pinned Apps on macOS

Exiting the Full Screen on macOS

In case you want to exit the full-screen mode, you need to know that both the applications are in full-screen mode. Now move the mouse cursor on the top of the screen and wait until the traffic light buttons appear. Click on the green button and the app will exit while the other apps will remain there on the full screen.

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