How to Pin & Un-pin Extensions from the Google Chrome Toolbar

How to Pin & Un-pin Extensions from the Google Chrome ToolbarGoogle introduced the “Extension Toolbar Menu” feature in Chrome 76. Before this feature, all the extensions that you added to your Google Chrome showed up on the toolbar. Now you can decide which one will be displayed on the toolbar and which will rest on the menu.

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Some extension needs to work on the front whereas, some just work quietly in the background. For example, Grammarly doesn’t need much of the attention as it works quietly in the background whereas Adblocker needs your attention when blocking content on sites therefore, it needs to be on the toolbar.

In this guide, we will show you how to pin and un-pin extensions in Chrome.

Pin & Un-pin Extensions from the Google Chrome Toolbar

Before you try to pin or un-pin the extensions from the Chrome Toolbar, make sure you are running the latest Google Chrome version.

  1. Start by opening Google Chrome and click on the “Extensions” button next to your profile avatar.extensions menu on chrome toolbar
  2. You’ll see the list of extensions installed and enabled in your Chrome browser. This list is divided into two categories; i.e. “Full Access” and “No Access Needed”.pin or unpin extensions on chrome
  3. A push-pin icon is given next to each one of the installed extensions. If the icon is blue, it means that the extension is pinned to the Chrome toolbar and white means it’s not pinned to the toolbar.
  4. Click on the push-pin icon to pin or unpin it from the Google Chrome toolbar.rearrange the extension on chrome toolbar

Once you have pinned or unpinned an extension on chrome, you can rearrange the icons according to your choice by dragging them.

Moreover, if you don’t have an extension pinned on the toolbar, it doesn’t mean that the particular extension is not activated. You can check it from the extensions menu and activate it if it is not already.

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