How to Play Ludo Star

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Board games have always been fun playing with family and friends during vacations or holidays. They are really fun when there are gatherings of loved ones. Ludo is one of the board games. Four people can take part in it at one time. During times like these (COVID-20) when you can’t leave your place and have to stay in quarantine, boredom can really get you.

To kill boredom, you can play online games. Ludo is one of the games that you can install in your android or iOS devices and play with your friends online.

In this guide, we will show you how to play Ludo Star.

Playing Ludo Star

  1. Install the Ludo Star app in your device and launch it.
  2. You will have to login before you can start playing Ludo Star. Login with your Facebook account or as a guest.Choose the login method in ludo star
  3. There are 4 modes that you can choose from. i.e. 1 on 1, Team up, 4 Player, Private Table or you can also Play Offline.
  • 1 on 1: 1 on 1 is great when you want to play with one friend only and a quick game.
  • Team up: In this mode, you got 4 players two in each team. You have to take care of your partner as well as the friendly kill is enabled and you can kill your partner as well.Play 1 on 1 or Team up in ludo star
  • 4 Player: In this mode, 4 separate players play as opponents. You won’t be assigned any team partner. Play a fair game and don’t create enemies by teaming up with opponents.
  • Private Table: This mode allows you to create a table and invite your friends by sharing the code with them. Once all the 4 players have joined, the game will be started.Share a private table or play offline ludo star
  1. Choose the mode you want to play in. You can only invite your friends in the team-up mode or Private table. In the other two modes, you are automatically assigned an opponent through the system.Share the ludo star code in team up and private table

Now you are good to go, enjoy the game and stay at home till the coronavirus is gone!

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