YouTube is the most popular video streaming website that allows users to enjoy different videos and music. Whenever you need to play the videos in the background while using the YouTube app or any web browser, YouTube will automatically stop the playback and you need to always keep the application open.

On Android, it is quite simple to play YouTube videos in the background when using iOS. There are two ways that you can play YouTube videos while the iOS device is locked.

Using Dolphin Browser

The YouTube mobile is when opened from any web browser, it will stop playing the videos when you lock the screen. The Dolphin Browser is a bit different, it allows the users to play the videos in the background. It allows the users to play the selected videos while the screen is locked.

Dolphin Browser for YouTube Videos

Using Musi

In case the Dolphin browser does not work then the Musi app works. Musi is an ad-supported app, that can search YouTube for playing videos. The app does not exit while playing the video but you can lock the iPhone and the iPhone will continue to play the videos.

Musi App for YouTube Videos

You can not play or pause the video which is playing through the lock screen. Although it does not add the music player to the lock screen and if you want to pause the video, you need to unlock the iPhone and open the app to pause.



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