How to play YouTube in Background on iOS

YouTube is a popular App for video streaming. You can find millions and millions of videos no matter what the subject is, but this application has a restriction of only on-screen streaming. The video that you’re playing would be paused as soon as you switch to some other App. This put a limitation on the use of it. Some users want to listen to music or a lecture or a TV program on YouTube while working on some other project using some other App.

YouTube on iOS

We’re here to make it easy for you to use YouTube as a background App on iOS 12 Update. Here are a few methods to help you do it

Ways to play YouTube as a Background App

  1. Request Desktop Site

Here’s a step by step guide to playing YouTube as a background App

Safari Desktop YouTube Site

  • Open Safari on your device and open the YouTube video you want to play in the background.
  • Tap on the “sharing action” icon which looks like a flying arrow.
  • Find and choose “Request Desktop Site” from the action options

Desktop Site from Safari Options

  • This will refresh the YouTube video into the desktop version of YouTube
  • Start playing the song or video on YouTube, and wait for any advertisements to complete
  • Now press the Safari Tabs button, it looks like two overlapping squares
  • Switch to a new tab, or create a new tab and load any website in that new tab
  • Now return to the iOS Home Screen and exit Safari, either by pressing the Home button or with the Home gesture

Now you can enjoy whatever video you have selected to play in the background. You can pause and resume as you wish while working on some other apps through a control center in iOS.

  1. Involve Third Party

The above-mentioned method is tested to work out for iPad and iPhones with iOS 11 and 12 yet if it doesn’t work for your device, try using a third party like Musi, YTB Player, ProTube, and others.

ProTube for Playing YouTube Videos in Background

  1. Use Opera Mini or Dolphin

It is easy to play videos on YouTube as a background using Opera Mini or Dolphin App. Here’s how you can do it

  • Open Dolphin or Opera Mini
  • Type YouTube in the address bar
  • Navigate to the music or video you want to play
  • DO NOT open in App–let the music play in the web browser itself
  • If the music has ads, let them fully play while the browser is open
    Playing YouTube Videos from Lock Screen
  • Once music plays, go to another app or your Home Screen
  • If the music stops, open Control Center and tap the play button on the music player to resume
  • You can now play YouTube in the background, even when your screen is sleeping or locked.



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