How to Print to PDF on Mac

How to Print to PDF on MacApple’s Operating System has inculcated system-level support for PDF Files. If at a certain time you don’t have a printer available to print a document, you can save it in a stable format that will not change. It could be done by “Print” to a PDF file.

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This feature is available for all the apps that allow printing such as Safari, chrome, pages, and Microsoft Word. In this guide, we will show you how to save a document in the “Print to PDF” file.

Print to PDF Feature in Mac

Here’s how you can use this feature in your Mac Device:

  1. Open the document that you would like to print to a PDF file.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of the screen select “File”, and choose the “Print” option from the drop-down print option from the file drop down menu
  3. A dialogue box will appear on the screen. From here click on the small down arrow with the “PDF” option given prior to the “Show Details” on PDF down arrow
  4. From the “PDF” drop-down menu, select the “Save as PDF” option.choose save as pdf option
  5. The Save dialogue box will pop up. Type the file name and select the location to save the file and click on “Save”.select a name for pdf file and location

The document will be saved as the PDF file in the chosen location. When you will click on the PDF File, it will appear as printed on paper.

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