How to Quickly Find Apps on your iPhone/iPad

searching apps in ios devicesMost iOS users have plenty of apps downloaded in their devices. Every app serves a different purpose therefore all are mandatory. Having a lot of apps on your device could sometimes get messy and it becomes hard to find one when required. You could either sort them in folders and can launch them whenever you want or use Spotlight search to find them.

In this guide, we will show you how you can find apps in your iOS device quickly and easily.

Using Spotlight to Search Apps in your iOS Device

The spotlight in the iOS device lets users find Installed apps the easy way. Here’s how you can use the spotlight to search apps:

  1. To launch Spotlight Search, use one finger to tap and swipe down from the middle of the iOS device’s screen.launch spotlight search
  2. With the spotlight search bar appears an on-screen keyboard. Type the first few letters of the app’s name that you are trying to find.spotlight search in ios devices
  3. The spotlight will suggest a “Top Hit” and a few other suggestions. When you see the App’s icon, tap on it to launch it.type the name of app in spotlight search

Finding and Launching Apps using Siri

Siri takes voice command from the user and performs the action in your device. Here’s how you can open an app by giving Siri an instruction to find and launch an app:

  1. To launch Siri holds down the power button if you use the latest iOS devices without the home button. But if you’re an old iPhone user, hold down the Home button until Siri appears.launching siri in ios devices
  2. If you have “Hey Siri” enabled, you can just say “Hey Siri” to launch it.ask siri to open an app
  3. To launch an App through Siri, simply say “Launch (name of the app)” and Siri would launch it for you.

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