There are different applications that allow recording calls on Windows 10. If you are looking for a reliable application that can record audio or video calls on Windows 10 then Audacity is the best application that can record Skype calls. It provides a simple and easily understandable solution for the users to record audio from various audio and video calling app.

Notice: Make sure that your country rules allow recording the other party audio without their permission, if you are not allowed to record the other person then you should opt out of this tutorial.

Recording Calls Audio using Audacity

First of all, you need to enable the Stereo Mix, it can be done by opening the context menu of the sound from the system tray. Go to the Recording tab and enable Stereo Mix. In case you don’t find the Stereo Mix, right click on the empty area and click on show disabled devices that will enable the disabled devices, now make sure that all the speakers and microphone are working.

In case you still don’t see the disabled devices then you might be missing the system audio drivers. You need to install the Realtek audio drivers and then enable the Stereo Mix.

Using Audacity

Open the Audacity and from the dropdown under the microphone. Choose WASAPI  and make sure that speakers and microphone are selected in the mic and speakers dropdown. Now click on the record button to start recording.

Recording Calls in Audacity

Now start a call and the application will record each and everything including the Skype ringing. As soon as you end the call, stop the recording to MP3 from Audacity.

To save the recording, go to File > Export and choose Export as MP3. It is also possible to save the recording as WAV or OGG formats.


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