iPhones are generally very secure and the data is always safe but in case of stolen iOS device, everyone wants to remove the data in the device. It is also very necessary to remove all the data from the stolen device as the passwords can somehow be cracked. It is very simple to remotely wipe the data using the desktop computer.

Erasing Data Remotely from an iOS Device

All you need is to Access the Apple ID connected to the phone and make sure that the iPhone has “Find my iPhone” enabled.

Now access the Apple ID from a desktop web browser an remove the iPhone content. It is very easy, just signup to the Apple ID and iCloud, verify your identity and start the removal process.

After signing in the iPhone choose the iDevice from the available devices.

Choose the device for remotely wiping data from iPhone

Choosing the device will display a card with three options from which you need to choose Erase iPhone.

At the top right corner, you will see a card with three options, one of which is Erase iPhone. Click it and your phone will be wiped.

How to remotely wipe an iPhone from the iCloud

It is very necessary for the iPhone to be connected to the internet. In case the stolen device is not connected to the internet then as soon as the stolen iOS device is connected to the internet, the wiping process will automatically initiate.

As soon as the wipe command is initiated, it is not necessary for the device to maintain the internet connection.


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