There are many applications that allow the users to extract audio from videos but when it comes to remove the audio from the videos and get silent videos, the problem arises. As it is not a common task but many people need silent videos when editing. There are many complex applications that help in doing so but the simplest way to remove audio from videos is to use VLC player.

Removing Audio from Videos using VLC

It is very easy to remove audio from videos using VLC media player. All you need is to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Open the file in VLC media player.
  2. From the Media menu, choose Convert / Save… that will open a new window.Open media in VLC for conversion
  3. Click on the Convert / Save drop-down button, in the Convert window.
  4. In the Profile field, click the wrench button to open the Profile edition.
  5. Open Audio Codec tab and uncheck the audio checkbox and click on the Create button.Remove audio from videos in VLC
  6. Select the destination and change the file name.
  7. Click on the Start button to get the silent video.

The conversion time depends upon the size and the duration of the video. The original file will remain intact and the output quality will be same as you saved unless you change the profile. In the same way, you can extract audio from the videos.


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