How to Remove Background of Images Without Photoshop

Batch Image Background Remover and Changer

There are a number of applications that can be used for background removal of images. Photoshop is one of these applications but it seems quite intimidating to the users as it takes some skills to use photoshop properly. Fortunately, different software companies are developing applications for photo editing.

Most of the image background-removing applications remove the background of a single image at a time. Batch Image Background Remover and Changer is the only application ever developed for the automatic removal of multiple image backgrounds at a time.

Batch Image Background Remover and Changer comes with a number of tools for automatic and manual background removal. Users can change the background to a solid color or use an already existing picture in the gallery as the new background of an image. It is very easy to use application developed for android users. Unfortunately, it is not available for iOS users at the moment.

In this guide, we will show you how to remove the background of multiple images at once using Batch Image Background Remover and Changer.

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How to Remove Background of Multiple Images at Once Without Photoshop

Here’s how you can do it:

Download Batch Image Background Remover and Changer on your android device.

Open the application, and select multiple images from the photo gallery that you want to remove the background the images to automatically remove their background

For precise background removal, it is recommended that you first crop the images that you selected.crop the images first for precise automatic background removal

Next, tap on “Auto Remove” to start the automatic removal of backgrounds. Wait for the app to finish.

Background removed images will be shown on the screen. You can now save all the images or tap on each one to edit them further.multiple images background removal

Tap on the image and select one of the two options: “Image” or “Color”.

Color: The color option lets you choose a solid background for your images.Choose the color from color wreath for solid color background

Image: The image option lets you select an image from the photo gallery to use as the new background of an image. You can use the background removed image as a sticker on another image from gallery to use as the new background

You can also use manual background removing tools. Adjust the size of the brush according to the background removing the need. There is also a magic tool that helps you when you are manually removing the background of an image. Zoom in to precisely remove the background and undo/redo when it goes wrong.manually remove background of images

Tap “Done” after finishing editing.

You can now share the edited image with your friends and family on other apps. You can also watch the tutorial on how to use the app

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