When you download a Microsoft Office File on the internet, Microsoft Office opens them in the protected view as the documents are sometimes also not safe when downloaded from the internet. Microsoft Office does this to maintain the security and makes it possible that any document from the internet does not affect the computer.

When documents are opened in protected view, you need to exclusively allow them for editing. When you want to continuously use the file, you may want to remove the restriction from the file as always allowing is a bit hectic.

Microsoft Word Protected View

If you want to remove the Protected View from the file, all you need is to follow a few simple steps and get the unprotected document.

Removing Protected View Status from the Office Files

All it requires is to open the folder where the protected file is present and follow the given steps to continue.

  • Right click on the file and open the Properties from the context menu.
  • Open General tab in the Properties window.
  • Find the security section at the bottom of the window.
  • Select the Unblock checkbox and click on the Apply button.Unblock Word files downloaded from the internet
  • Now open the file and will open in normal mode.
  • In case the file is already open in Word, close it and reopen it.

This tip work for all the Microsoft Office files. If some other application opens the documents and the files are still protected after the process. Go through the settings of that specific application because that will be at the applications end.

You can also turn on the protected mode in the same way. Microsoft Office also provides different features that set different parameters to restrict the file from editing.

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