How to Remove Recently Added Section from Start Menu on Windows 10

How to Remove Recently Added Apps from Start Menu on Windows 10When you open the start menu in Windows 10 desktop, you will find the recently added apps at the top of the lists. In this section, the most recently installed apps are displayed. If you want to remove these apps to avoid apps from clustering in the Start menu, it can easily be done through Windows Settings.

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In this guide, we will show you how to remove the “Recently Added” section from the Start menu.

Remove Recently Added Section from Start Menurecently added section in start menu

The “Recently added” section is given at the top of the Start menu app list. Here all the recently installed apps are shown. Here’s how you can remove this section through the Windows Settings:

First, go to the “Windows Settings” from the start menu or by searching from the search tab on the taskbar. You can also press “Windows + I” keys from the keypad to open the Settings window.go to settings from start menu

From “Windows Settings”, select “Personalization”.select personalization from windows settings

Next, click on “Start” given in the left pane of “Personalization”.click on start from personalization

Find the switch labeled “Show recently added apps” and turn it off.toggle off show recently added apps

You won’t find the “Recently Added” section next time when you will open the Start menu. If you want to undo the change you have made, switch on the toggle that you turned off with the above-mentioned steps.

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