The macOS comes up with different built-in features that can troubleshoot problems with the operating system. Most of the applications are meant to fix software issues but macOS comes with a utility that can also fix hardware problems like a battery, keyboard, temperature, and many others. All you need is to reset the System Management Controller on Mac; in case you have a hardware issue on your Mac.

Before resetting the System Management Controller, you need to know what Apple recommends to do.

Resetting the System Management Controller

To reset System Management Controller, you need to remove the batter and unplug the charger. The newer models of Mac do not allow to disconnect the batter such as iMac, you can just unplug it.

Resetting System Management Controller on iMac and Mac Mini

In case you can not remove the battery, just shut down the Mac from the Apple Menu, unplug the device and wait for 15 seconds exact and plug the power charger. Now, wait another 5 seconds to turn on the Mac.

Reset System Management Controller on MacBooks

In the case of MacBooks, it is a bit different to reset System Management Controller, all depends on if you can remove the battery or not.

In case you can not remove the battery, you need to discharge it and shut down the MacBook from Apple menu. After turning off, hold the Shift + Control + Option and then push the Power button. Hold the buttons for 10 seconds and then release. Press the Power Button to turn on the MacBook.

System Management Controller on MacBook

In case you can remove the battery, remove the battery and disconnect the power cable. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds and release it. Now connect the battery and turn on the Mac.

Post SMC Resetting Problems

If the System Management Controller does not fix the problem, if the MacBook does not turn on after resetting or it takes too long to charge, let it take its time. Now, wait for the MacBook to charge and then give a bit more to turn it on.

In case the Mac Mini or iMac does not turn on, plug the charger and let it charge. Try disconnecting the external device or a memory stick and try to turn it on again.


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