Chrome has different experimental features that are by default turned off, which can be enabled by a few simple settings. Users can use these features when they are stable. In some of the cases you need to enable them, you need to make use of tags. This can be done using the Chrome Flags page. You can also reset the flags to their default values in case your chrome is not working perfectly.

Resetting Chrome Flags

To reset the Chrome flags one by one or once at all, first of all, you need to open the Chrome Flag page from the address bar by the following address


To reset the Chrome flags one after another, you need to first know which tags are modified. Scroll through this list of the flags and find the flags with a blue dot and from the drop-down menu of each flag, and choose the Default to reset it to the default state. Relaunch the chrome after making changes so the changes take effect.

To reset all the flags at once, you need to click on the Reset all to default button from the top of the page and it will reset all the tags. Restart chrome so the changes can take effect.

Reset Chrome Flags

All the flags apply on the entire browser settings, it does not matter which profile do you use. All the changes made by flags are global.

In case the synchronization feature is turned on, you need to reset the flag on each browser of the device individually.

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