How to Resize the Start Menu in Windows 10

How to Resize the Start Menu in Windows 10Windows 10 has got plenty of features for the user’s ease. If you feel like the Start menu on your Windows 10 desktop is too small or too big for your need, you can resize it accordingly. In this guide, we will show you how to resize the start menu on Windows 10 desktop.

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Resizing Windows 10 Start Menu

Follow the guide to learn how it is done:

  1. Launch the Start menu on Windows 10 desktop by clicking on the Windows icon on the taskbar or pressing the Windows key from keypad.resizing the start menu
  2. Now hover the mouse cursor on the edge of the start menu till the cursor changes into the resize cursor, which looks like a line with arrows on both sides.drag the mouse cursor diagonally to rezide the start menu size
  3. Now to change its length, drag the mouse cursor in the upward or downward direction according to your need. When you achieve the desire to start menu height, release the mouse button.drag the mouse crouse upwards to make the start menu larger
  4. Similarly, if you want to change the width of the start menu, hover the mouse cursor to the right edge of it and drag the mouse cursor in the particular direction to thicken or shrink it.drag the mouse cursor horizontally to make the start menu wider
  5. Now to adjust both height and width at the same time, place the mouse cursor on the upper-right corner of the menu bar and drag the mouse inwards or outwards according to your will of making it bigger or smaller.set both length and width of the start menu

If you make the start menu larger, it will take up more desktop space and you can add more live tiles, shortcuts, websites, and documents to it. The smaller size start menu takes much less space and gives you more desktop space.

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