The latest version of WordPress comes up with Gutenberg which is not very convenient to use. As for the classic WordPress editor, users may want to get back the old post editor rather than using Gutenberg editor.

Getting Back the Old Classic WordPress Post Editor

The classic WordPress post editor is very easy to understand and makes it very convenient for the users to edit the post and visualize the components on the Posts. It is very easy to get back to the previous classic editor. All you need is to install a Classic Editor plugin from the plugins section.

The Classic WordPress Editor Plugin is published and maintained by the WordPress contributors and is very easy to use. It has no effect on the performance of WordPress. The plugin also makes it possible to enable and disable the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Classic WordPress Editor for Old Post Editor

Now open Writing Settings from the Settings from the sidebar. You will find “Default editor for all users” option and choose the classic editor. Also, use “Allow users to change editors” options.

WordPress Writing Settings for Converting Back to Classic Editor

This will set the old classic editor for all the users and also provides the ability to switch between the post editors.


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