Windows 10 is a stable operating system although various updates come and the users can install generic drivers for the system. There are different driver updates that sometimes not work perfectly fine or they have bugs. The best possible way is to figure out the issue by rolling back the driver to the previous state.

All the driver software comes with compatibility for the older versions and sometimes does not perform well on the latest operating systems. To roll back the driver, you need to follow a few simple steps. All it requires is the administrator privileges using the account and the password.

Rolling Back a Driver on Windows 10

To roll back a driver, you need to open the device manager. Windows Search can also look for the device manager. With Win + R key to open run dialog box and type


As soon as the device manager opens, find the hardware component for which you want to roll back the drivers. There is different scenarios that can be, i.e. the rollback option is available. You can double click the hardware component and open the properties and go to the Driver tab and click on the Rollback driver button if it is not greyed out.

Roll Back Drivers on Windows

If the button is not clickable and is greyed out then it means that the driver has no previous version installed on Windows. This means that you can not do it from the built-in rollback option. So, you need to download them separately, just download the version you need from the manufacturer’s websites. First, uninstall the devices drivers that are previously installed and install the new drivers you got from the official website.

Updating the Downloaded Drivers on Windows 10

In case you want to update the drivers, open the Device Manager and open the properties of the device you want to update the drivers for. In the Driver tab, select Update Driver option and Select Browse my computer for driver software and click the Browse option.

Install Drivers from Disk on Windows 10

Choose the folder where you have the downloaded drivers and the Device Manager will automatically update the drivers from the specified location. You might need to restart the computer so that the changes can take effect. You may also like to know HOW TO FIX UNKNOWN DEVICE NOTIFICATION IN THE DEVICE MANAGER


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