The phone is a handy device which often captures the videos that sometimes are upside down or in landscape view when played on the desktop because these videos are rotated as according to the phone when captured. In order to view the videos on the desktop, you need to rotate them first for comfortable viewing.

Rotating images is very simple on iPhone and Android but when it comes to rotating the videos you need to have a specialized application that can change the orientation of the videos.

Rotating Videos on iPhone

When you want to change the orientation of the videos on iPhone, you need to have a reliable application to do it without affecting the quality of the videos. There are many applications that can rotate the videos but one of the simple and reliable application is Video Tools: Reverse Crop Edit. It is a free but ad-supported app for iOS devices that can effortlessly rotate the videos.

Open the Video in Reverse Crop Edit

Go to App Store and install Reverse Crop Edit App. Now, open the photos app and tap on the video you want to rotate. From the top right corner, tap Edit option and the editor with will show up that provides different options.

Edit Videos in iPhone

From the bottom of the screen tap on the more options button. A menu will open, choose the Video Tools: Reverse Crop Edit to open the video in the app. (If you don’t see the app, open the list of apps and enable it).

Change the Orientation of Videos in iPhone

Change the Orientation of the Video in iPhone

There are different editing options, as you want to rotate the videos, Tap on the rotate button and change the orientation as you need.

Rotate the videos in Video Tools

The only drawback of this application is that it will overwrite the original video if you want to preserve the actual video you need to backup or make a copy of the video. The application never adds a watermark or affect the quality of the video. It is a very helpful app when the videos are in landscape mode.


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