One of the major problems computer users face is to run 64-bit programs on 32-bit systems. First of all, make it clear that the 32-bit operating system can not run 64-bit applications. But if you still want to run 64-bit applications on 32-bit OS then there are few alternate methods that helps in running the 64-bit applications on the 32-bit system.

Note: It is only possible when the processor supports 64-bit instructions and have the ability to handle 64-bit applications.

Running 64-Bit Programs on 32-Bit Operating System

The most recommended solution is to grab the 32-bit version of the same program. But, in case the program is not available in 32-bit and only available for 64-bit OS then you must upgrade the system to 64-bit system.

When upgrading the operating system, make sure that you have a complete backup of all the important files and applications just for the case if something goes wrong.

To check for the System type (Whether x64 based or x32 based) find the System Type in System Information.

Check for the system type

Start the upgrade process by downloading the latest copy of the same operating system in 64-bit and upgrade the OS.

Running a Virtual Machine for 64-bit Applications

Virtual machines allow running the entire operating system. In case you don’t want to disturb your operating system then the best possible way is to run the entire 64-bit operating system in a Virtual Machine. There are different popular virtual machines such as VirtualBox, VMWare and different other. Choose the one which suits you.

In case you need the best performance then Qemu is a reliable virtualization application.


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