How to Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

Store any file in Google Drive

Google Drive provide Gmail users with the designated space to save large or small documents or files. You can save Gmail attachments in Google Drive and keep yourself from the hassle to explore all the users’ e-mails just to find that one you need. Just save the important files/documents to Google Drive and fetch them whenever you want.

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It is just like you enable media downloading for WhatsApp where all the images are downloaded and go directly to the gallery. The media will still be saved in the Gallery even if you have deleted the Chat. You can always have access to the images through the gallery so you don’t have to go to the particular chat and find the media in chat.

In this guide, you will learn how you can save Gmail attachments to Google Drive.

Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

Here’s the step by step method to do it:

1. Launch the browser and log into your Gmail account.gmail2. Now open the e-mail from where you want to save the attachment to Google Drive
3. Hover the mouse cursor over the attachment and click on the “Save to Drive” icon.Save to Drive
4. If there are more than one attachments that you want to save in Drive, click on the “Save All to Drive” icon over the far right all to drive
5. If you have currently opened the attachment, click on the “Add to My Drive” icon located on the top right corner of the opened document.Add to My Drive
Your attachment will be saved to Google Drive. Now if you want to view the saved file, head over to the Google Drive webpage and open the desired saved file/image/document from My Drive where all saved attachments reside. My Drive

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