How to Save Google Chrome Tabs to View Later

how to save google chrome tab to view laterWhen you’re working on a specific topic and taking help from Google to gather information regarding it, you can save the tabs by bookmarking them to view later. Instead of keeping the taps open which can eat up temporary storage space and slows down your PC, save the tabs or webpage.

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In this guide, we will show you how you can bookmark a Google Chrome tab.

Bookmarking Tabs on Google Chrome

Google Chrome lets users save tabs to view later through the bookmark feature. It is quite easy to do. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to learn to favorite a google chrome page:

Start by opening the Chrome browser on your PC, and navigate to the page that you want to save.

To bookmark a single tab on Google Chrome click on the star “Bookmark icon” given on the right side of the address/URL bar.bookmark a single tab on google chrome

Next, click on the “Folder” menu and choose from the already existing folder to save the webpage link.

Click on “Done” after you’re done bookmarking on done after bookmarking a tab on google chrome

Or you can use the keyboard shortcut to bookmark the website. Press “Ctrl+D” if you’re a Windows PC user or “Cmd+D” if you’re using Mac.

If there is more than one tab that you want to bookmark, there’s a way to do it. To bookmark all the tabs click on the empty space next to the opened tabs. A menu will appear, select “Bookmark All Tabs”.bookmark all tabs on google chrome

You can also use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+D” on Windows or “Cmd+Shift+D” on Mac to bookmark all the opened tabs.

bookmark managerGoogle Chrome allows you to manage the bookmarks in “Bookmarks Manager”. To manage bookmarks, go to the settings in Google Chrome > Click on Bookmarks from the menu > Bookmark the bookmark or delete it in google chrome bookmark manager

All the saved websites will be displayed here. You can choose the folder you want from the sidebar and open or delete the bookmarks here.

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