How to Save Microsoft Word Document in “This PC” by Default

How to Save Microsoft Word Document in “This PC” by Default

Microsoft word is very commonly used in all fields, it could be educational or official work. It is necessary to save a document once you’re done working on it. By Default Word gives you the option to save a document online on OneDrive or SharePoint but you can change the default location to Documents or any other place in This PC.

In this guide, you will learn how to change the default location to save an MS Word document. This guide is for the latest Microsoft Word Setup for Windows 10.

Change the Default MS Word Document Saving Location

  1. Open the Microsoft Word on your computer and type in the document.
  2. Click on the “File” menu given on the top left corner of the screen.Click on File
  3. Click on “Options” given on the bottom left corner of the screen. (Make sure you have opened an MS Document before performing the action)click on options
  4. Now select the “Save” Category from the left panel in Word settings
  5. Under Save Documents heading, enable “Save to Computer by Default” to computer by default
  6. Now Office will save your document in C:\Users\NAME\Documents\ by Defaultbrowse to change default saving location

You can also change the default location to somewhere else in This PC by Clicking on “Browse” and selecting a new location. Click on OK to save the default saving location in MS Word.


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