Screenshots are the basic needs of every user; the users can easily capture screenshots using a bundle of available tools but in case you need to capture screenshots after specific intervals of time then many screenshot tools lack scheduling screen capturing. Thanks to the Auto Screen Capture tool, it is the best application that allows capturing the screenshots after specific intervals of time.

Scheduling Screenshots on Windows 10

All you need is to download, install and run the Auto Screen Capture. It is a very simple yet powerful application that can schedule screenshots for different screens and active windows after specific intervals of time.

The application takes a while to show a preview of the screen, just wait for some time until all the screenshots come out. Now use the calendar on the left side to choose the days of the month and scroll down to the Triggers and set the screenshots.

Auto Screen Capture Tool

The users can easily set the screenshots to be taken on a specific time or specific intervals of time. It is also possible to choose the format of the screenshot and supports saving the screenshots as BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF and various others from the Screen tab.

When everything is set up, click on the Start and close the application and the app will minimize to system tray.

The app also provides the ability to password protect itself which makes it protected from the unauthorized exit. To set up a password to the app, scroll down in the Screen tab and in the Security section you can set up the password. Every time you want to stop the application, you need to provide the correct password.

Set Password to Auto Screen Capture tool

The app provides a complete environment for the parents to know what their children are doing on the computer.


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