How to search for Files & Folders through Command Prompt in Windows 10

You can search for all files and folder prevailing in your Windows drives using the Search bar. In Windows 10, you can search for anything given its modification time, last viewed, type of the file or any other advanced option. There are also few other ways to Search files and folders in Windows 10 besides the given Search option. You may want to install a third-party app for this purpose or use the command prompt.

Search option in Windows 10

In this article, I will mention step by step commands to search files and folders in your personal computer using the command prompt.

Search Files & Folders using Command Prompt in Windows 10

By default, Command Prompt performs actions in Windows C: Drive. You may want to search for files and folders from some other location, for this purpose you will have to change the drive by using the command that is mentioned later in the guide.

  1. Open Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Search Bar on the Taskbarcmd
  2. Now go to the drive that you believe contains the folder you’re searching for by giving the command

D:Change the folder

  1. To move to another folder in this drive, use the command given below:

Cd “D:\AskCaty”askcaty

Now in order to search file by category/type use the different commands given below:

Search for a file by name:

dir *file_name*.* /spictures in askcaty

Search for file with an unknown name:

dir /s/b /A:D “D:*partial-name-of-folder*”search files by the partial name of the folder

Search for folder:

dir “Name of folder to search” /AD /b /ssearch for folders by name

Search file by its type:

dir /b/s *.file_extensionsearch file by extension



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