Windows 10 provides the best ease of access features, one of the great features is to automatically select a window on mouse hover. This feature helps the users to select any window on just hover which makes it very easy when working on multiple windows. It is very easy to enable this.

Select a Window on Mouse Hover

In Windows 10, you can hover a window and it will come in focus so that you can work. This can be done just by following a few simple steps. Open Control Panel and go to Ease of Access settings. In the Ease of Access, click on “Change how your mouse works” option.

Ease of access mouse settings

A new page will open, find and enable ‘Activate a window by hovering over it the mouse’ option under the ‘Make it easier to manage windows’ option.

Activate Windows on hovering mouse over it

Click on the apply button so the changes can take effect. This feature works for the windows that are open, for example when you have cascaded windows, hover the mouse over a window and it will come in focus. It cannot activate a window by hovering the mouse cursor in the taskbar preview.

This feature also works with the side by side pinned applications that require a click to come into focus. It also enhances the usability of the operating system when you are working with multiple monitors


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