How to Send Selfie Stickers on Instagram

How to Send Selfie Stickers on InstagramPreviously, Instagram allowed the users to exchange emojis, stickers and GIFs are responses but now you can also send selfie stickers. With this feature, you can create a short, expressive, animated sticker that will depict your exact emotion. There are two ways you can use it, i.e., record your expression and share it or use the animated emoji over your selfie.

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The Selfie sticker feature is available with Instagram’s cross-platform messaging update. This update is available in the Settings menu within your Instagram app for iPhone or Android.

Here’s how you can update messaging on Instagram:

First, launch the “Instagram” app on your device and tap on the “Profile” tab.

Next, go to the menu by tapping on the hamburger icon on the top-right corner of the screen. From Menu, select “Settings” and tap on “Update Messaging”.update messaging in instagram

Tap the “Update” button to get the new features.update button to update the messenger on instagram You will see a new Instagram DMs icon like that of Facebook’s on the top-right corner of the Insta-feed. Tap on the icon to open conversations.tap on messenger icon in instagram

Now navigate to the conversation where you want to send a selfie the chat to send selfie sticker

Here, tap the “+” icon to reveal more messaging options. Select the GIF icon.tap on sticker to send sticker selfie in insta chat

From the list, select the “Selfie” feature.selfie sticker option in insta chat

A new option for recording and send a selfie sticker will appear. Hold your phone in a way that your face fits in the sticker preview. Instagram will replace the background with a colorful gradient.

Choose an emoji overlay and tap the shutter button to record the emoji or set a the selfie sticker in instagram chat

If you’re satisfied with the emoji sticker you have just created, tap on the Send button to send it to the chat or tap on the “retake” button to try again. Tap the “Save Sticker” button to save it.tap send button to send the selfie sticker in instagram chat

The saved stickers can be used again in any chat you like.

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