How to Set Custom Home Page in Mozilla Firefox

How to Set Custom Home Page in Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox opens a special Firefox home page when you first open the browser. However, if you want Firefox to open a specific home page rather than the default one, you can easily set a custom home page for the browser.

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In this guide, we will show you how you can change Mozilla Firefox’s home page.

How to Change Mozilla Firefox Home Page

Follow the steps mentioned below to set custom Firefox Home Page:

First, open Firefox and go to Menu given on the top right-hand side of the window. Click on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines).

From the Mozilla Firefox menu, select “Options” if you are using Windows PC, or select “Preferences” if you are a mac user.option or preferences in Mozilla Firefox

The option/Preferences tab will appear on the screen. Click on the “Home” option given on the left-hand pane. On the right-hand pane, you will find the “New Windows and Tabs” section.Home tab in Preferences in Mozilla Firefox

From the “Homepage and new windows” drop-down menu, select “Custom URLs”. You will see a text-box will appear below the “Custom URLs” drop-down menu. Here, enter the website you want to appear when you first open the browser.set custom URLs as Mozilla Homepage

If you want to set the last home page that you visited before opening the preferences as the default home page for Mozilla Firefox, click on “Use Current Page”, or click on the “Use Bookmark” option to set homepage from the bookmarks saved by you.

You can also add multiple sites in the textbox and separate them with a | which will open more than one home page. i.e.enter the websits URLs to set custom homepage in Mozilla Firefox|

Every website added in the textbook will open in a new tab.

Close the browser once you are done changing the default home page in Mozilla Firefox and relaunch it. Now you will notice that the websites you set as homepages opens when you launch Mozilla Firefox.

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