Often you use a limited data connection then you also need to limit the data. So that whenever you have some free limited data you can only consume the available bandwidth and not move toward the charged data. Many ISPs also provides limited upload and download data then you also need to set limits to Wi-Fi usage.

It is very easy to set Wi-Fi Data Usage limit in Windows 10. The users can set the limits without using any additional 3rd party application.

Setting up Data Limit to Wi-Fi

To set up data limit to the Wi-Fi, you need to follow few given steps.

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to Network and Internet group settings
  • Choose the Data Usage tab (Make sure that you are working on the correct network)
    Set Data Usage Limit in Windows 10
  • If the Wi=Fi network is not selected, choose the Wi-Fi network from under the ‘Show settings for’
  • Choose the correct network and click on the Set Limit button under Data Limit
  • A new window will open showing the time period to set for the data
    Set Data Limit Plan in Windows 10
  • Set the time period to a monthly plan that is for most of the people
  • There are different plans i.e. one time and unlimited
  • For monthly one-time option which is for most of the users, set the time that the data is used in
  • So, whenever the plan is renewed, you can set the new limit

This sets the limit to all the data used by Windows 10 whether for updates as well as set the data limit in MBs and GBs both. Moreover, it is also set app exemptions for the limit.

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