How to Set Data Usage Warning & Limit on Android

Set Data Usage Warning & Limit on AndroidDue to the popularity of smartphones, data plans have become limiting. You need to keep a close eye on data using to avoid surprise bills. Android devices come with a built-in data usage monitoring tools that help the users avoid consuming too much data.

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When you set a data usage warning on your device, the device warns you when the data usage exceeds the limit set by you. In this guide, we will show you how you can set data usage warning on Android.

Set Data Usage Warning & Limit on Android

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to set a limit for data usage:

Start by opening “Settings” in your android device. It could be done through the notification center or by manually finding the “Settings” app in your device and opening it from there.go to settings in your android device

For different devices the “Data Usage” setting lies in different locations, i.e. in Samsung Galaxy phones you will have to go to the Connections > Data Usage > Mobile Data to retrieve data usage options.

In Google Pixel phone select “Network & Internet” from the “Settings” and internet option in settings

Next, tap on “Mobile Network”.tap on mobile network on android

On this screen, you will find the data usage of the month. You can also check how much data each app is consuming by tapping on the “App data usage” data usage

Under the “App data usage” tap on “Data warning & Limit”.data warning and limit

Toggle the “Set data warning” switch on.set data warning on android

Next, select “Data warning”. Enter the number for your data-usage warning and tap on “Set”.setting data warning on android

If you want your device to cut off data when you reach a certain limit, toggle “Set data Limit”.

set data limit option on android

Then tap on “Data Limit” and enter a number of data after which the data will be cut off completely. Tap on “Set” after you are limit on android

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