How to set Default GPU for Apps in Windows 10

Different personal computers can have different graphics cards, some of them have single GC, and some have dedicated GPU along with a graphic card. It all depends on the type of PC you own. If you run heavy games on your computer, you would need one with GPU in it. PCs with GPU are costly but gives better graphics and games run smoothly. If an app requires high-performance graphics card to run it smoothly, Windows 10 will automatically choose which graphic card it should use.

However, in Windows 10 latest version, it allows the user to specify the preferred graphics card for traditional desktop and Microsoft Store apps to improve system performance or battery life.

In this guide, I will explain how you can set the specific GPU for certain App on Windows 10 PC having multiple graphics processor.

Set Default GPU for Apps in Windows 10

  1. Go to Windows SettingsSystem Settings
  2. Click on System Option in Windows SettingsSystem option
  3. Select Display from the left panelDisplay settings
  4. On the right panel of Display Settings, under the Multiple Display heading click on Graphics Settings option.Advanced Display Settings
  5. Choose an App to set preference for from the drop-down menu
  • Classic app — these are your traditional Win32 desktop programs.
  • Universal app — these are that app available through the Microsoft Store.graphic settings
  1. If you choose the Classic App, click on browse to locate the executable file to add to the app. If you select the Universal App from the drop-down menu, you will find another drop-down menu to select the App from.universal App
  2. After choosing the App, click on Options and select the graphic preference for the specified App
  • System default — this is always the default setting, and Windows 10 decide which GPU to use automatically.
  • Power saving — runs the application on the GPU that uses the least power, which most of the time is your integrated graphics processor.
  • High performance — runs the application on the most capable GPU, which is most of the time an external or discrete graphics processor.Graphic specification for App
  1. Click on save button once you’re

How to Remove an App from using Specified Graphic Preference

If you want to stop an app from using a preferred graphics processor setting, just select the app from the list, click the Remove button or in the options page, select the System default option.

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