When you need to frequently open a specific location on the computer then rather than opening the folder each time from the Explorer. Windows 10 offer functionality that let you choose the default location when you open File Explorer. It is either possible by using the Quick Access or one-click access to the folder by setting up the default launch location for the File Explorer.

Set Launch Location for File Explorer

This tip only works when the file explorer is pinned to the taskbar. All you need is to open the file explorer and browse to the folder you want to open in the explorer when launched. Right-click on the folder that you often access and select Send to > Desktop. This will create a shortcut to the program.

Go to the Desktop and rename the shortcut to File Explorer. Now open the new folder i.e. File Explorer and place the given code in the Address bar.

%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar

A dialog box will appear asking to replace the file in the destination. The folder will be pinned to the taskbar. Close all File Explorer windows, and then click the File Explorer icon in the taskbar. This will open File Explorer to the folder you selected.

It is also possible to revert the File Explorer back to normal state. Right-click on the File Explorer icon in the taskbar. From the menu that opens, right-click on the File Explorer option and choose Properties.

Open File Explorer Properties

From the Properties window, open the Shortcut tab and change the target to


Click on Apply button and the File Explorer will be back to normal.

Change target in the File Explorer

With the same way, you can customize the launch location by copying the location of the folder from the address bar to Target field. In the Properties window Shortcut tab.

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