Videos always have a built-in thumbnail but sometimes these video thumbnails are not recognizable. Which means that you will not know anything about the video from its thumbnail. The thumbnail should be self-explaining and must provide some specific visual that can help in understanding the video. By default, Windows 10 uses the first frame as the thumbnail.

The first frame of the video is often the black frame or sometimes the title file. It is also possible to change the thumbnail of the video.

Changing the Thumbnail of a Video

It is very easy to change the thumbnail of a video in Windows 10. There are number applications that help in changing the default video thumbnail, one of the reliable applications is Tag Editor that is a free and open source application. All you need is to open and extract the file, in the bin folder you will find an executable i.e. tageditor.exe.

For easy operations, you should keep both the thumbnail image that can be a custom image or extracted from the video. It is a command line application that requires to it from the Command Prompt.

Open the Command Prompt and browse to the directory in Command Prompt where the app is located and browse to the bin folder. Making it easier, you can enter the cmd in the File Explorer and press enter. It will open the command prompt in the same directory.

Open Tag Editor with Command Prompt

Run the given command, after changing the name and the extension of the thumbnail image and the video as the name of the actual file.

tageditor -s cover=cover-name.jpg --max-padding 125000 -f video-name.mp4

Press the Enter button and the thumbnail will be changed immediately.

Change thumbnail of the video

This powerful application changes the thumbnail for all the users as it links the image to the video meta description.

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