How to Share Apps with another Android Device

Welcome to another guide by AskCaty. Well, Android is the popular and biggest OS by Google as many brands use Android as an OS for their devices and android is also a user-friendly OS that allows the variety of features. Android also provides a lot of ways for sharing as users can share pictures, videos, music, documents and much more but when it comes to sharing an app with any other device then by default there is so such option to share any installed app with any other android device.

In this guide, we’ll show some simple steps for sharing any installed app from your Android device with another Android device. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps we are going to share you for sharing any Android app with another Android device.

Step 1

At first, all you have to do is to unlock your Android phone and tap on the Google Play Store app.

Step 2

After opening up the Google Play Store app, you have to search for an app ‘APK Extractor’ on the Play store. (If you have already enabled “Apps from Unknown Sources” you can download APK Extractor from Here)

Step 3

After finding out that searched app, tap on that app and further tap on the Install button to start installing that application ‘APK Extractor’

How to share apps with APK Extractor

Step 4

After installing that app on your Android device, go and tap on that app APK Extractor to proceed further. After opening that app you will get to see the list of all installed apps of your Android device.

How to share apps with Another Android Device through Bluetooth

Step 5

Tap and hold any app you want to share with another Android device, doing this will bring up a pop-up menu with some options.  Choose ‘Send APK’ option from that given list of options and you will get some sharing options to choose anyone.

How to share apps with Another Android Device through Bluetooth

Step 6

Tap on the Bluetooth option to share that selected app further with another Android device through Bluetooth. Dong this will take you to the Bluetooth section where you will select that Another device in Bluetooth searching section. Remember both devices show have Bluetooth turned ON.

Step 7

After selecting any device, it will send the compressed APK file of that selected app to another Android device through Bluetooth.

Congratulations, you have managed to share an app with another Android device through Bluetooth. Actually APK Extractor performs all work of conversion, extraction, and compression into an APK file of any app for users to share that APK file with anyone. I hope this guide will let you share your favorite installed apps with other Android devices to save your precious time.

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