Chromecast is a very powerful video and audio streaming devices. It gives quick access to the speakers and provides better audio streaming features. It is very easy to use Chromecast speakers and make use of third-party apps to stream audio from Windows.

Windows to Chromecast

While using Windows, you need to grab Chromecast Audio Stream application which is very simple and easy to use. Before running the application, make sure that your Chromecast is all set up properly and running. The app adds an icon to the system tray and whenever you will play audio, it will directly stream via Monitor and Speakers.

Chromecast for Windows

Moreover, you will also be able to control the volume and play audio from the media player as well as from the Windows volume control. It will directly depict the settings to the TV.

Mac to Chromecast

While using Mac OS, you need to grab SoundFlower and Soundcast. It will add a new icon to the menu bar and automatically set up everything for the Chrome. All you need is to make sure that Chromecast is connected and running. Anything you will play from the Cast to the button will be played on the Chromecast.

Chromecast for Mac

These helping applications make the streaming process smoother and accurate.


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