Linux provides an easy solution when it comes to stream media files, SMPlayer offers a reliable environment with a unique set of features that saves a lot of time when it comes to stream media files over a remote PC or a mobile device.

The application provides reliable Casting feature to stream media files to any portable device. It makes use of the local network to play any kind of media on a mobile device.

Installing SMPlayer

Casting data to smartphone or tablets from Linux, you need to install SMPlayer. As it is a popular application so it is already present on almost all the Linux Distributions. To install SMPlayer from command line follow the given steps according to the distribution according to the need.

Installing SMPlayer on Ubuntu

sudo apt install smplayer

Installing SMPlayer on Debian

The SMPlayer is there for the Debian users but it does not offer casting features, so you first need to enable backports.

sudo apt-get -t stretch-backports install smplayer

In case your backports are not according to the needs, then you must upgrade the Debian.

Installing SMPlayer on Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S smplayer

Installing SMPlayer on Fedora

Default Linux Fedora repositories do not contain the SMPlayer video application so you need to install RPM Fusion for the software repository. To enable RPM Fusion repository, open the terminal and use DNF Package Manager to install RPM.

sudo dnf install -y

Replace X with the release number of Fedora that you use.

You will also need to enable non-free RPM Fusion repository as it contains different video codecs

sudo dnf install -y

To install Smplayer on Fedora make use of dnf command:

sudo dnf install smplayer

Installing SMPlayer on OpenSUSE

sudo zypper install smplayer

Streaming Media to Mobile using SMPlayer

SMPlayer Streams the videos to the mobile device by creating a web server and push the content to access IP address. Now start streaming the content by opening SMPlayer and from the file menu, Click open. Browse the media file and press pause to stop the video from playing.

Right click on the video and hover the Play in the menu and click on Cast to Smartphone/tablet. Scan the QR code and send it to the mobile device to access the stream.

Get the code from SMPlayer to Cast

In case your phone camera is unable to scan the QR code, then the best way is to copy the URL under the QR code and send to the mobile device to stream the content on the mobile.

Streaming content from Linux to Smartphone or Tablet

To stop streaming, click on the Stop button in playback options to stop the streaming.

Streaming Media to Another PC using SMPlayer

The SMPlayer casting feature also works with a remote PC on the Local Network. All you need to have the latest Internet Browser with built-in Flash Player to stream the MP4 videos.

Now Launch the internet browser and play the video from SMPlayer by right-clicking on the video and from the Play option for Cast, click on the Smartphone/tablet.

A pop-up panel will open and you will need to select the URL under the QR code and send it to the remote PC to start the streaming.


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