How to Strike Through Text in Microsoft Word

How to Strike Through Text in Microsoft WordIn Microsoft Word, you’ve probably seen two types of texts with lines through them. One with a single line through it and the other one with a double line. The feature used to insert a line through the text is called “Strikethrough”.

Double line strikethrough is done by special character formatting. In this guide, we will show how you can strike through text in Microsoft Word.

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How to Apply Strikethrough Formatting to Text

Applying the strikethrough text is quite easy. Here’s how you can do it:

Start by selecting the text that you want to strike through. You can do it by clicking and dragging over the text. If you want to select only a word, double click on it. You can also place the insertion point at the beginning of the text that you want to select and then Shift-click at the end of the text to select the sentence with precision.strike through text on ms word

Moreover, if you want to select different words and sentences from a paragraph at the same time, you can do that by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting the text in different places.

After selecting the text, in the “Home” tab on the ribbon, click on the “abc” strikethrough button.strikethrough text feature in Microsoft Word

Any text you have select will be struck through.

In order to double strikethrough text, select the text and press “Ctrl+D” to open the “Font” window. Under the “Effects” heading, select the “Double Strikethrough” option.Double strikethrough text on Microsoft Word

Click the “OK” button after you have selected your strikethrough preference.

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