How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone X, XS, XS Max

Using iTunes have always been a complicated task for most of the Apple users, for some, it gets really frustrating to use iPhone/iPad/iPod. Users complain that syncing music or pictures from iTunes to their devices seems like hard work because there’s always some kind of trouble doing so. We’re here to make technology easy to use for you people.

In this article, we’ll help you sync music from iTunes to iPhone XS Max without getting any error message. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Connect the Device to iTunes

First, Run the iTunes and connect your iPhone to the laptop with a working power cable then click on iDevice given in the iTunes window.

  1. Turn Off iCloud Music Library

If your device is already connected with iCloud Music Library, turn it off otherwise iTunes will not sync the music from iTunes. To turn the iCloud Music Library, follow the given instructions

How to Turn Off iCloud Music Library

Go to Settings in your iPhone > Music > you will find a “Library” area at the end of Music tab, toggle “iCloud Music Library” if it’s turned on.

iCloud Music Library Settings

Apple only allows the use of iTunes or iCloud one at a time. If one of them is enabled for your device, the other will not work and will give some error message. The error then freaks out the users because it’s hard to figure out what is wrong with the device.

  1. Sync Music from iTunes

On the left panel of the iTunes window, there is a music option given, click on it. If Music library will give you a message that “iCloud Music is on”, turn it off to continue with the iTunes.

Sync Music from iTunes

On the right music panel, you will find a “Sync Music” option, check it and select “Entire music library” if you want to transfer all songs from iTunes to your iPhone

iTunes Synchronize Music

If you want to transfer only selected music from iTunes to your device select “Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres”

iTunes Music

iTunes will transfer the songs as per your selection to your iPhone.

WARNING: If you already have some songs in your device that are not in the iTunes library, iTunes will give a message “Remove and Sync”, if you want to continue the transfer, click on “Remove and Sync” otherwise cancel the transfer.

iTunes Remove and Sync

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