How to Take Multiple Photos at a Time on Your iPhone

How to Take Multiple Photos at a Time on Your iPhone

iPhone has a burst mode which is a great way to take multiple shots at a time. In iOS 14, the burst mode is slightly hidden on iPhone XS, XR, and the latest versions.

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In this guide, we will show you the easy method to take burst photos on iPhone.

How to Take Photos with Burst Mode on iPhone

Normally, Volume buttons on the side of your iPhone are used to take photos or shoot a short video with QuickTake. Press the “Volume Up” or “Volume Down” button to take a photo. You can hold them down to record a mini video.

However, there’s a way you can set the “Volume Up” button to shoot a burst of photos when the “Volume Down” button still shoots the video.

Here’s how you can configure the side button settings for your Device’s camera:

First, go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone either by searching through the Spotlight feature or manually finding the app on your device and tapping on the “Settings” gear settings on your iPhone and ipad

Scroll down the settings, and select “Camera”.go to Camera settings in device settings on iPhone

In-Camera settings, navigate the “Use Volume Up for Burst”. Tap on the toggle to enable it.use volume up for burst in camera settings on iPhone

Most of the images that you shot in burst mode will not be good. In fact, you would want to keep only one or two out of them. Your device will automatically select the best one for you but you can still go through them yourself and choose your favorite one.Go to gallery to view burst images on iPhone

These photos appear in your gallery as a little sack of photos. Tap on the cover image it will reveal the “Burst (x photos)” option in the top left. Tap on it to see all the clicked images and select your favorite ones and delete others.

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