Windows 10 provides different visual components that are meant to be for the latest computers. In case you own an old computer with limited resources, Windows 10 visual elements might slow down your computer. The UI of Windows 10 has various inconsistencies which are some animations to make the transitions look smoother and better. But they are better when you have the system with the latest hardware.

These animations sometimes slow down the system as well as results in loading UI elements slower. If you want to decrease the loading time of Windows visual elements and enhance the performance of the computer then you should disable the animations.

Turning off Animations in Windows 10

There are different ways to disable the Animation settings such as mouse pointer shadow from Advanced Mouse Settings and others from the Control Panel.

All you need is to open Control Panel and Go to System and Security Settings, Open System then Advanced System Settings.

Control Panel > Security > System > Advanced System Settings.

Open Advanced Tab in the Advanced System Settings window, click on the Settings button in the Performance Section.

Open System Properties in Windows 10

The Performance Options window will open with a listing of all the animation settings. Choose the animation effect to disable. Choose the animation settings for best performance and best appearance as you need.

Disable Animations in Windows 10

This makes the transitions smoother and also enhances the performance of the computer.


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