Every time when a website wants to show notifications, it requests to enable notifications that are delivered through the operating system. The chrome uses a native notification system that is very useful and sometimes annoying. As because every website wants to interact with you even when you are not using it. You can easily disable these notification requests for different websites.

Turning off Notification Requests in Chrome

You can follow a few simple steps to turn off notification requests in Google Chrome. All you need is to open a new tab and place the given URL in the Address Bar.


It will open up the notification settings in Chrome. Turn off ‘Ask before sending (Recommended)’ that will stop sending any notification requests.

This will take you to the notification’s settings for Chrome. At the top, you will see a switch called ‘Ask before sending (Recommended)’. Turn it off and it will block all notification requests. This will stop sending notifications from different websites to prompt for permission.

Turn off Notifications Prompt for Websites

This will not turn off the notifications that are previously enabled which means that you are able to individually allow notifications for each website separately. To allow the notification for websites, you need to open the site settings from the padlock icon in the URL bar and open the Notification dropdown and click the Allow option.

Chome Settings for Enabling Notifications

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