How to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication for Twitter

Two-Factor Authentication is one of the security features which adds up a layer of security to your accounts in-case someone tries to break into your account. You can turn on two-factor authentication for most of the Apps on your device. You can also enable it for the Twitter App.

In this guide, I will explain how you can turn on Two Factor Authentication for Twitter App.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Twitter

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account either on Browser or on Mobile Apptwitter askthecaty
  2. On the left panel, you will find some options, click more to view the list of other options.more
  3. From the menu, select Settings and PrivacySettings and Privacy
  4. Click on “Account” in Settings and Privacyaccount
  5. In the Login and Security section click on the Security
  6. Next click on “Login Verification” in the Security sectionlogin verification option
  7. Click on the checkbox given beside the Login Verification to check it.login verification
  8. Checking the box will open a new panel, click on Startstart two factor authentication
  9. Enter your twitter password for verificationverify
  10. Next, you’ll need to confirm your phone number, so click “Send Code.” If you don’t have a phone number associated with your account, you’ll have to provide one at this point.send code
  11. Twitter will send you a 6 digit code to the provided number, enter that code in the box and click on Submitsubmit the code
  12. Select “Get Backup Code” to get your emergency code in case you lose your phone.Congrats! you're enrolled

You will have successfully enabled the Two-Factor Authentication for your Twitter account. Now every time you will log in to your Twitter account, you will have to enter the code that would be sent to the provided number.

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