Fingerprint unlocking is one of the quickest and reliable security features. It is very simple and easy to unlock Android phones with a fingerprint sensor. But if you also have a Macbook, it does not have any fingerprint reader from a long time. Apple does not have introduced a fingerprint reader on any of its Macbook. In case you have both Android and Mac, then you have the ability to log in to your Mac with the Android fingerprint reader.

Unlocking the Mac with Android Fingerprint

To authenticate Mac with the Android Fingerprint, DroidID is a reliable application. It provides a reliable solution for users. It is a free utility for the users that do not require advanced technical skills to operate.

All it requires is to install DroidID on Android as well as grab the Mac Client. After the first launch, it provides a code for connecting the Android with Mac.

DroidID for Android

Place the code on the Mac in the app’s client and give it a password to unlock your Mac.

DroidID for Mac

sure that you have Keychain enabled on your device and you must have at least one fingerprint configured on your device.

Access fingerprint settings from Settings > Security and Location.

The Mac Client requires a restart and asks for Keychains access, you can also manually provide access to the Mac client from Keychain. The unlock operation works when the Mac gets locked automatically.

If the Android fingerprint is unable to unlock the device with DroidID then you must restart your device.

The password is always there in the Keychain so you don’t need to worry about the password.

Requirements for DroidID

The DroidID requires different hardware and OS requirements to be met which are as follows.

  • A Mac must run El Capitan i.e. macOS 10.12 or later
  • Keychain must be enabled on the Mac
  • The phone must be running Android 6 or higher with a fingerprint sensor.

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