How to Unsubscribe From Automated Text Messages

How to Unsubscribe From Automated Text MessagesSmartphones own most probably get text messages alerts from banks, coupons from restaurants, messages from political campaigns, and so on. These messages don’t come with an “Unsubscribe” link that you find in email newsletters. Also, you won’t find any instructions to unsubscribe them.

Fortunately, there’s a universal way to unsubscribe from these text messages.

To unsub from automated text messages that you receive on daily basis, simply reply to the text with one of the following words:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT
  • CANCELunsubscribe text to automated messages

The most commonly used commands are “Stop” and “Unsubscribe”.

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These commands are fairly universal and most automated systems will immediately let you know that you have been removed from the list. You will stop getting automated alert messages from them.

Moreover, there are some automated SMS services that share the “shortcode” numbers they send you messages from. You can simply text back “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” to remove yourself from the list that last texted you from the number. In order to fetch yourself out from all the lists sharing that shortcode number, send a “STOP ALL” message.

If you keep on receiving spammy text messages from the number who won’t stop even when asked nicely, there’s always a block option that will end the story all at once. The blocking number is quite easy in android or iPhone.



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