How to Upload Music to YouTube Music

How to Upload Music to YouTube MusicYouTube Music is mainly for streaming music from YouTube’s library, but you can also upload your own tunes to the cloud. As YouTube Music is Google’s replacement for Google Play Music, transferring your account to YouTube Music from Google Play Music will transport the music you’ve already uploaded on your account.

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If you are new to YouTube Music, you can easily upload music in just a few steps. In this guide, we will show you how to upload music to YouTube Music.

Uploading Music to YouTube Music

Uploading Music to YouTube Music can only be done through a web browser on a computer, not through your phone. Here’s how to upload music to YouTube Music:

Start by opening your favorite web browser on your PC, and navigate to to youtube music on web browser

Next, click on your profile photo given on the top-right corner of the YouTube Music on the profile icon to view other options

Select “Upload Music” from the drop-down menu.upload music on youtube music option

It will open a file browser window. Navigate to the folder that contains the music you want to upload.browser your computer to find the music you want to upload on youtube music

Select the file or files you wish to upload. Choose multiple files by holding the Ctrl key on Windows and Cmd key on Mac while selecting the music the music you want to upload on youtube music

Once you are done selecting the music filed, click on the “Open” the selected music to upload on youtube music

Next, YouTube will ask you to review its “Use Policy”. Click on “Accept” to agree to the legal document.accept the youtube music policy to upload music

The progress of upload will be displayed in the bottom-left corner of the music upload progress

After the completion of the upload, music files will be processed. Click on the “Go To Library” button to see the uploaded music.go to library to view the uploaded music on youtube music


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