How to Use Chrome Flag to Always Show Full URLs in Google Chrome

Enabling “Context Menu Show Full URLs” Flag in Google ChromeFlags are the features that have not been officially released but you can use them at your own risk as they may contain some bugs and tweaks and might damage your operating system. There are a number of very cool flags for google chrome including the force dark mode on all websites, tab hovercard, and context menu shows full URLs, etc.

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By default, chrome shows the web address without the https:// and www. Before it. You have to double click on the URL to see the full link. The “Context menu show full URLs” flag in chrome always shows the full URL when enabled.

In this guide, we will show you how to enable the “Context menu to show full URLs” flag in Google Chrome.

Enabling “Context Menu Show Full URLs” Flag in Google Chrome

Follow the guide to learn how to do it:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser in your PC and on the address bar type:

Chrome://flagsexperiments window on chrome

  1. You will be taken to the “Experiments” window. Here click on the “Search flags” tab and type “context menu show full URLs” and press Enter key.context menu show full urls
  2. Now click on the drop-down box next to the “Context menu show full URLs” and select “Enabled” from the menu.enabled context menu show full urls in chrome
  3. Chrome will ask you to Relaunch the browser to save the changes made. Make sure you back up all the data on web pages before hitting the “Relaunch” button. Chrome will reopen all the tabs on the relaunch but all the added data and information will be lost.relaunch the chrome to save the changes made
  4. Now right-click on the chrome’s address bar and select “Always show full URLs”.always show full urls in chrome

Enabling this feature will show the full web site address. You can disable this feature by right-clicking on the address bar and unchecking the “Always show full URLs” option on the menu. Remember that flags are temporary features and can be removed or changed anytime.


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