How to Use Google Chrome in Incognito Mode on Android

How to Use Google Chrome in Incognito Mode on AndroidGoogle Chrome was one of the first browsers to support a built-in private browsing mode also known as “Incognito Mode”. Now Chrome has incognito mode available for every platform including Android.

Incognito mode doesn’t let chrome save the browsing history, cookies, information you have typed in forms, and other site data. Know that incognito mode only makes you invisible on the browser history, while websites and your internet service provider can still see your activity. Moreover, the files you download in private-browsing mode and bookmarks are still saved.


In this guide, we will show you how to use the private browsing mode of Chrome on Android.

Use Google Chrome in Incognito Mode on Android

Using Incognito mode in Google Chrome on Android is no rocket science. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how you can open Chrome in private browsing mode:

First, open Chrome browser on your android phone or tablet either through the Search feature or by manually finding the app in your device and tapping it to open.Open chrome app on your android

Next, open the menu by tapping on three vertical dots on the top-right corner of the app screen.go to menu in chrome on android

From the menu, select “New incognito tab”.tap on new incognito tab in menu on chrome android app

To add some extra privacy, toggle-on the slider next to the “Block third-party cookies” option. You can now browse the internet in Google Chrome’s incognito mode.toggle on the block third party cookies on android

You will have the incognito tab opened next to the other tabs. Tap on the tab button at the top to see all the opened tabs on the Chrome on the tabs button on google chrome android app

These tabs are separated into two groups at the top, the hat and glasses icon depicts the incognito tabs.incognito tab vs normal tabs on google chrome android app

This is how easily you can switch to incognito mode in Google Chrome on Android any time you want to browse the web with privacy. You can also switch to normal mode whenever you like.

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