How to use old iPhone’s Camera in a better way to take pictures

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iPhone camera quality is one of the reasons for its popularity and why users like it more than any other phone. Apple keeps working to make the iPhone’s camera quality better with every release. Since iPhones take great pictures themselves, you can always add certain more things to make them greater. In this guide, you will learn how to take better pictures with your iPhone.

Take better pictures with older iPhone

There are certain factors that you can control while taking pictures with the iPhone’s camera. Some of them are mentioned below:

Control Exposure and Focus on Object

The camera app allows the user to focus on the picture and set the exposure accordingly in a single move. You can lock this setting by tapping and holding the preview screen for as long as you see the “AE/AF Lock” at the screen. In this way, you can have your object focused as well as handle the brightness of the image at the same time.AE/AF Lock

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This setting is very important to learn because many times iPhone’s camera tends to get exposure wrong, especially when taking sunset pictures.Control exposure of the image

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Use Grid to take Pictures

Gridding is a very significant part of photography. It lets you take a balanced image by maintaining a straight horizon, find and adhere to leading lines, and align your composition with the other vertical lines in a scene.Enable Grid in Iphone

To enable Grid option in the camera app, go to Settings in your iPhone, select camera settings and toggle on the Grid button. Now go to the Camera App and try taking a picture with a Grid.

Use Filters from Camera AppFilters in camera app

iPhone camera App offers the number of filters for users to apply while taking the picture or after taking a picture. Feel free to use these filters to make your photo look more presentable.


Avoid Flash as much as you can

Flash Light should only be used when required; like when there is less light in a room. Most of the time, images taken with the flashlight are less flattering than the ones without it. Also, it attracts unwanted attention when you’re sitting with a group of people or somewhere quite but people around you. Therefore, it is better to avoid using a flashlight as much as possible.

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