The modern custom Linux themes are way very common, if you want to get the classic look of your Linux, you need to try Retro OneStepBack Linux theme. It is a classic GTK theme for the Linux Desktop and looks like the Steve Job’s Next Step OS. It comes up with different colors and gives the old look and gives old school Linux look.

It is a GTK theme and it is not possible to use it on the KDE Plasma 5 Desktop, LXQT or any other environment that does not support GTK 2 or 3.

Downloading OneStepBack on Linux

OneStepBack GTK theme is available on the theme website There are multiple versions available over the internet. To get the OneStepBack theme, you need to go to the Gnome-Look page for OneStepBack. On the Gnome-Look page for the OneStepBack, look for the file button and click on it.

In the files, you will see different versions of OneStepBack theme, look through it and find the version you want to use. Select the download icon to start downloading the theme file.

Extracting OneStepBack Theme

After downloading the file, extract the files so to setup. In the file manager, click on the Downloads folders and locate OneStepBack archive. Open the context menu and click on the extract option.

Now Launch the Terminal Window using Ctrl + Alt + T or Ctrl + Shift + T and use the CD command to move into the Downloads directory and decompress with the Unzip command if you want to use the command line to extract the theme files.

cd ~/Downloads

unzip OneStepBack-*.zip

Use install command to get the apply the OneStepBack theme.

Installing OneStepBack

You need to place all the files in the themes directory i.e. /usr/share/themes/.

Installing System Wide OneStepBack Theme

First of all, you need to access the downloads folder using CD command.

cd ~/Downloads

To set up the OneStepBack theme, use mv command with sudo or su.

sudo mv OneStepBack-* /usr/share/themes/

In case you cannot move it with the sudo command, you can get access to root with su command and move the files.

su –

mv OneStepBack-* /usr/share/themes/

Installing OneStepBack for single-user

To start the installation for a single user, use mkdir command to create new themes folder.

mkdir -p ~/.themes

Finish installing using the mv command in the new themes folder.

mv OneStepBack-* ~/.themes/

Activating OneStepBack Theme



After the theme is installed, you need to activate it as the default system look. Open the system settings from the desktop environment. Look for and click the Appearance or Theme settings. In the Appearance or Themes section, locate and click on the OneStepBack themes in the theme pack and select apply OneStepBack as default theme on the system.


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