How to Use & Open Finder with a Keyboard Shortcut in Mac

How to Use & Open Finder with a Keyboard Shortcut in Mac

Just like Windows have a “Search” feature, Mac has “Finder” from where you can search files, folders & apps in the Mac. It can be easily approached while you are using another application. You can easily open Finder in macOS with an easy command.

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In this guide, we will show you how to open a finder and search for anything available on your Mac.

Opening Finder Using a Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Here’s how you can open Finder using Keyboard shortcut keys:

  1. To quickly access “Finder” in macOS, press and hold “Option + Command + Space” on the keypad.opening the finder with shortcut keys
  2. This will open a Finder search window from where you can search for anything in the Mac.move to normal window from finder in mac
  3. To open a regular Finder window now press “Command + N”.

You can also use Spotlight search from the menu bar at the top of the mac desktop screen. From there click on the magnifying glass icon also known as “Search icon” and type the name of the file/folder or application that you want to search and click on the result to open it.

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